How To Apply IUMW-KYP


 Step 1 : Identify program interested

    - Browse through the list of programs being offered, and read the minimum requirements too. 

 Step 2 : Prepare supporting documents

  Ensure that you have a softcopy on following documents:

    - Identity Card (front and back) / Passport (Compulsory)

    - Details of SPM / O-Level / SPMV results or UEC results. (Compulsory)

    - Results of STPM / Matriculation / A-Level / Diploma / Foundation. (For Degree)

    - MUET / IELTS / TOEFL results. (For Degree)

    - Transcript and completion of studies letter from the respective University / Institution. (For Master) 

Step 3: Self reminder

    This offer will be considered null and void if the student provides incorrect information or inaccurate qualification.